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Airline Fire Simulator


Due to the sensitivity of the project the client has requested anonymity;

The client has developed an enviable reputation for painting/refinishing, industrial fabrications, commercial vehicles, tanks, cranes, pressure vessels and silos both on and off site. Their extensive experience within the coating industry enables them to meet exacting standards in application, technology, quality and protection. With an abundance of knowledge and experience in paint application, abrasive cleaning technique, quality control, metallurgy and corrosion science. They are approved to ISO 9001:2008 and have their own team of NACE qualified inspectors.


The client was coating fire simulators for a leading airline. They were tasked with sourcing a coating which gives great corrosion protection and a high gloss level but also with the fewest number of coats required. Due to the size and time constraints a coating which dried really quickly was necessary.


New Guard Coatings Group recommended using a primer finish route as this combined an anti-corrosive product with a gloss finish, offering good UV protection to enable the sheen to stay intact, especially when exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time.

We were also keen to recommended a primer with high solids as this would provide a thicker build, meaning the perfect finish can be achieved with fewer coats than other coatings, which was essential due to the time constraints.

Paint System

Zinfos 490 from our Manor Coatings range met all of the clients required criteria.


With the product having excellent sag resistance the coating was applied through airless spray achieving 75 microns DFT. Due to the product being based on a short oiled alkyd resin, two coats where achieved within two hours. This enabled the project to meet the client’s deadlines.

Client Testimonial

“I often have varied paint specifications land in my inbox and a lot of the time I don’t have a clue where to start or indeed the time to start investigating the market.”

“I’ve found that every time this situation arises, I can pick up the phone to New Guard Coatings and they are always happy to help me.”

“On this occasion they came back to me with several possible options, each came with a clear explanation for all of the different systems being suggested, including details regarding the time before expected first maintenance and for the different environments the structure could be sited within.”

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