You’re likely to have a large quantity of waste paint or solvent cans/drums to dispose of. You’ll need to ensure that your waste disposal follows waste environmental guidelines.

This is where New Guard Coatings can help. With over 40 years experience you can rely on us to make your waste paint disposal problems a thing of the past.

Paint Disposal in the UK must follow the Environment Protection Act of 1990, youare therefore directly responsible to dispose of your waste paint/solvent containers following strict guidelines. From collection to disposal, New Guard Coatings will ensure your waste will be handled according to those environmental guidelines.

Let us combine delivery and waste collection in one simple process. Reducing theinvoices going through your accounts department, saving you and your colleagues time, effort and money. Our collection fees are amongst the most competitive in the industry and we have no minimum quantity to qualify for a collection. We can even offer a regular collection service, simply ask us for a quotation.

Please note we will only be able to help with commercial enquiries.

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