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PPG PSX 700 is a two-pack, high solids Polysiloxane universal coating.

Environmentally friendly and the optimum in gloss and colour retention.

PPG PSX 700 is a proven coating that provides long-term protection, with application and system capabilities that can lower the cost of ownership for valuable steel assets. Demonstrated applications include stadiums, water towers, marine vessels, petrochemical tanks, bridges, wind towers, mining assets, many OEM applications, and other exposed steel in a variety of adverse environments.

Isocyanate free, resistant to transit/installation damage and outperforms other traditional finishes.

PPG PSX 700 offers durability and aesthetics for aggressive exposure conditions including many marine locations. The robust chemical structure enables this unique polysiloxane coating to offer unsurpassed long-term retention of colour and gloss characteristics by resisting the fading, chalking and general deterioration over time that is a common feature of other traditional finishes

PPG PSX 700 offers is a two-coat systems that is fully approved and meets the same exposure conditions as traditional three-coat systems, providing the ultimate balance of long-term protection, smart appearance and cost effectiveness.  This two-coat system saves time and reduces the overall build cost. Fast-curing, fast-handling and excellent edge coverage qualities meet the needs of the opperator for optimal production capacity to meet tight delivery schedules. The applied system is maintenance free, making it the ideal choice for many marine assets, particularly where inspection and repair must be minimized. In addition, PPG PSX 700  can offer significant savings in lifetime operational costs.
Available in a wide range of colours upon request, achieving a high-gloss finish.

Additional product: 21-06 Thinner

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PPG PSX 700 is a two-pack, high solids Polysiloxane universal coating. Environmentally friendly and the optimum in gloss and colour retention.

Pack Size: 5 litres, 20 litres


Areas of use

Providing protection against damage from natural exposure within all industrial, domestic and commercial environments. Apply directly over inorganic zinc as well as other metal substrates to offer excellent resistance to splashing and spillages from chemicals.

PSX700 is also a Highways Agency approved coating, number 185. Offering exceptional abrasion resistance and is also easily cleaned. Can be applied directly to zinc primers as a 2 coat system and can also be applied directly to steel in ISO 12944 C1-C3 environments.


Application process

Easy to apply either by spray, brush or roller producing a great gloss finish


Additional product benefits

  • Available in 4.5 litre units
  • Touch dry in just 2 hours and suitable for a re-coat after just 3 hours
  • Excellent colour and gloss retention
  • High solids, VOC compliant
  • Available in most BS 4800 and RAL Colours


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