Instarmac UltraCrete M90

All-purpose fast set mortar for bedding ironwork e.g. access covers and general repairs.

UltraCrete FTC (Fast Track Concrete)

Fibre modified concrete rapid repair and screed for small and large reinstatements to car parks, warehouses and bridge decks.

UltraCrete Instant Road Repair

HAPAS approved permanent cold lay surfacing asphalt concrete for first time permanent repairs in footways, footpaths and cycle tracks.

Ultracrete M60 Rapid Strength Bedding Mortar

The market leading rapid strength mortar, pre-blended simply requiring the addition of clean water.

UltraCrete Post Fix

10mm concrete for posts, signs, fences, street lighting, speed cameras and road side barriers.

UltraCrete Tough Patch

Rapid curing, permanent cold-lay surfacing material (PCSM) for defect repairs, potholes, trench reinstatement, utility installations, patching in car parks, driveways and other local repairs.