With our ‘in-demand’ Guard range of products, you’ll have access to a comprehensive range of single pack/conventional type industrial paints and coatings for the lighter side of industry (eg. steel fabrication and general construction sectors). These products include single pack primers, quick-drying finishes and a whole series of anti-corrosive ‘one coats’.

With varying gloss levels and specialist properties available for all types of application requirements, you really will have the answer to every question. Also, with our in-house manufacturing facility you will be able to utilise many of these conventional products in aerosol form for easy application and touch-up.

Guard AG

Light coloured quartz silica sand pieces that are washed, dried and dedusted.

Guard Aquatint

Guard Aquatint pool/ swimming pool paint

  • Easy Application
  • Fast Drying – ​The swimming pool can be filled within 48 hours of application.
  • Odourless
  • Durable – ​long term protection against algae & lime encrustation
  • Available in 5 litre cans for ease of application and every budget



87% Polivinyl | 6,5% PES | 6,5% CO





Guard BT

Guard BT single pack solvent-based black bitumen paint is designed for water-proofing brick, stone, timber, concrete, metal and steel.

  • Pack Sizes: 5 litres, 20 litres
  • Colour: Black
Guard CR

Guard CR – Chlorinated Rubber. Guard CR is a fast drying chlorinated rubber line marking paint. Available in…

Guard CZ

Guard CZ is a single pack zinc rich anticorrosive primer.

Guard ELC – Roof and Cladding Coating

Guard ELC is a fully tint-able, one component, water-based metal roof and cladding coating with unequalled corrosion protection.

 Large U.K Stock for Fast Free Deliver

• No Primer Required

 Surface Tolerant Primer/Finish Coating

• U.V and Impact-resistant

• Anticorrosive and Waterproof

• 200% Elasticity

• Dry Fall Product

Guard EP

Guard EP single pack solvent-based, quick drying, high build, zinc phosphate primer for various substrates including metal, steel, fabrication works.

Guard EPX-2K

Guard Epx-2K is a two pack epoxy coating for concrete and steel.

Guard ETC

Guard ETC is a solvent-based acid-etch primer for mixed/difficult metal surfaces including zinc, aluminium. Promotes adhesion of subsequent coatings.

Guard ETC-2K

Guard ETC-2K Guard ETC-2K is an acid self etching paint supplied in a two pack format and containing…

Guard FEB

Guard FEB is a high quality, fast-drying solvent-based synthetic alkyd enamel, with outstanding film hardness/toughness and minimal yellowing.

Guard FES

Guard FES is a solvent-based industrial enamel paint ideal for when quick drying, high gloss, durable and tough coatings are needed.

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