Floor Repair

General concrete patch and floor repair materials for all types of concrete repair, including high-strength, deep, thin, shallow, horizontal, vertical and overhead.

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We supply products that can be used for a variety of general concrete and floor repairs, such as:

  • Repairing damaged floors, steps, slabs, pavements, yard, driveways
  • Small patch repairs and pothole / hole repairs in concrete slabs, both internal and external
  • Repairs to arrises / corners of concrete floors, slabs, walls, joints, junctions etc. spalled movement joints (expansion / contraction joints)
  • Repairs to risers, nosings, goings and re-levelling worn concrete steps and staircases
  • Small patch repairs to concrete ramps, pavements, yards, driveways
  • To patch repair worn concrete floors
  • To make up level differences in localised areas, bedding kerb stones directly to macadam, bedding concrete kerbs and pre-cast concrete units, bedding manhole frames
  • Repairing spalled concrete slabs

These products can be used in heavy duty / heavy wear / heavily trafficked areas where resistance to abrasion, robustness, durability, impact resistance and chemical resistance are required.


Repair Depth / Thickness

We supply products capable of repairing depths from feather-edged (0mm) to 500mm. It is important to select the right product for the depth of repair, some products are not capable of being feather-edged, others cannot be used above a certain thickness because too much heat will be generated during the curing.


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