Onshore oil and gas facilities, refineries and chemical plants operate over a wide temperature range, from cryogenic to over 1000°C.

In order to ensure the highest level of productivity and yield, the Thermosafe range can enhance your overall operational efficiency and on-site safety:

Jotatemp 1000 Ceramic – heat-resistant corrosion protect for extreme high temperature environments.

Jotatemp 250 – anti-corrosive protection against continuous temperatures up to 250°C.

Jotatemp 540 Zinc – offering both barrier and galvanic protection for temperatures in excess of 120°C.

If you are wanting to safeguard your assets and enhance your system performance, work smarter – apply Thermosafe.

Jotachar 1709

Jotachar 1709 is the mesh free, next generation epoxy passive fire protection (PFP) material for pool fires in the hydrocarbon processing industry.

Jotachar JF750

Jotachar JF750 is the industry?s next generation and first mesh free solution for hydrocarbon and jet fires.

Jotatemp 1000

Two component titanium catalyzed inorganic ceramic copolymer. It complies to the generic type Multi Polymeric Matrix Coating. Resistant to low temperatures down to -196 ?C and high temperatures up to 1000

Jotatemp 250

Two component glass flake reinforced epoxy composite coating. Heat resistant up to 250 ?C.

Jotatherm TB550

Jotatherm TB550 is a two component solvent free syntactic epoxy thermal barrier that provides heat reduction, protection against cryogenic spill and long term corrosion protection.

Jotun Jotatemp 540 Zinc

Jotatemp 540 Zinc is a two component glass flake reinforced inorganic zinc ethyl silicate coating.

Jotun Resist 86

Jotun Resist 86 is a two-component, quick curing, zinc-rich ethyl silicate based coating.