For additional durability we have a whole range of 2-part primers. Including SigmaFast 205 for quick turnaround or SigmaCover 280 for the reasurance of adhension onto ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Dimetcote 11 / SigmaZinc 11

One component inorganic zinc silicate coating.

This product has been
discontinued, to consider an alternate coating please contact us either by
email or by telephone on 01937 586311




87% Polivinyl | 6,5% PES | 6,5% CO





Guard ETC-2K

Guard ETC-2K Guard ETC-2K is an acid self etching paint supplied in a two pack format and containing…

Guard MSP-2K

Guard MSP-2K two pack multi-surface paint is ideal for mixed metal surfaces, where minimal preparation can be carried out. Tintable and available in various gloss levels.

  • Pack Sizes: 5 litres (4 L + 1 L)
  • Colours: Tintable
Guard UBP-2K

Guard UBP-2K is a multi-purpose/universal bridging primer for previously coated surfaces that cannot be brought back to bare metal, and where the previous coating cannot be identified.

  • Pack Sizes: 5.5 Litres (Note: Container A does not come full so that the contents of container B can be added)
  • Colours: White
Jotun Barrier

Jotun Barrier is a two-pack zinc rich epoxy primer.

Jotun Barrier 77

Jotun Barrier 77 is a two-pack zinc rich epoxy primer.

Jotun Barrier 80

Jotun Barrier 80 is a two-pack zinc rich epoxy primer.

Jotun Barrier 90

Jotun Barrier 90 is a two-pack zinc rich epoxy primer.

Jotun Barrier Plus

Jotun Barrier Plus is a two component polyamine cured zinc rich epoxy coating.

Jotun Barrier Smart Pack

Barrier Smart Pack is a high solids ceramically reinforced zinc rich epoxy targeting the maintenance market.

Jotun Barrier ZEP

Jotun Barrier ZEP is a two-pack zinc epoxy primer.

Jotun Jotafloor Solvent Free Primer

Jotun Jotafloor Solvent Free Primer is a two component amine cured solvent free epoxy coating.

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