Rust-Oleum 5110 Verti-Patch

Very strong epoxy repair mortar with special lightweight fillers for repairing damaged vertical concrete, render and stone.


Grey, Stone

Rust-Oleum 5150 Speed Patch

Fast setting, high strength concrete repair mortar for frost spalled, eroded and cracked concrete, steps, troughs, ramps, coving etc. 10kg, 20kg


10kg, 20kg

Rust-oleum 5190 Epoxy Deep Fill Repair Mortar

Very strong epoxy repair mortar for quick and economical repair of deep holes in concrete floors. 25kg

Rust-Oleum EpoxyShield

Level and repair cracks and holes in concrete, cement renderings and unpainted brickwork.

Rust-Oleum Speed Patch Pourable Grade

Easy mix pourable material for quick concrete repairs. 25kg

Rust-Oleum Speed Screed

Rust-Oleum Speed Screed is ‘self-levelling’ pourable, durable resurfacing material for rapidly smoothing uneven, damaged or worn concrete floors.

Pack Size: 25 kg
Colour: Grey