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Jotun Paints Alkydprimer

Jotun Paints Alkydprimer is an easy to use one component product featuring good adhesion properties and surface tolerance. It provides a matt finish.

Developed for priming prepared steel and aluminium structures. Alkydprimer is certified for spread of flame in accordance with IMO FTPC Part 5 (IMO Res. A.653(16)) / IMO FTPC Annex2 Item 2.2.

Another benefit of the Jotun Alkydprimer is its resistance up to 120 degrees C. dry heat. If a matt topcoat is required then Alkydprimer can also be used. Suitable for a wide range of industrial structures. Recommended for touch-up purposes on Marine substrates too.


Jotun Paints Baltoflake

Jotun Paints Baltoflake is a glass flake reinforced unsaturated polyester coating. This ultra-high build, extremely abrasion resistant and fast curing anticorrosive coating gives long time corrosion protection.

It can be applied to concrete and GRP as well as to steel. It can be applied as a non-skid coating for walkways, escape routes and deck areas.

Jotun Paints Baltoflake Ecolife is a styrene free glass flake reinforced polyester coating. This ultra-high build, extremely abrasion resistant and fast curing anticorrosive coating gives long time corrosion protection. Baltoflake Ecolife can be applied down to 5˚C surface temperatures.

Recommended Areas of Use

Marine/off-shore environments. jetties, tidal zones, bridges, mining equipment, general structural steel etc.


Jotun Conseal TU Touch-Up

Jotun Conseal TU Touch-Up is a one component physically-drying acrylic coating with a matt finish, this is a high build product that is fast drying and can be used direct to metal.

Ideal as a primer/topcoat in atmospheric environments, it can also be applied at sub-zero surface temperatures.


Jotun Paints Ultra Topcoat

Jotun Paints Ultra Topcoat is a quick drying, alkyd topcoat containing solvents that offer great gloss retention and flexibility that lasts for many years in normal atmospheric environment

Designed to be applied as a topcoat to steel not only in the marine industry for boats and other marine crafts but for general application to metal used in the construction industry.

Recommended for use on surfaces such as engines, above and below-deck within marine environments. It can also be utilised as a protective coating for a wide range of industrial structures and substrates in industrial environments.


Jotun AS – Jota Armour

Jotun AS – Jota Armour Standard is a non-slip, anti-skid coating suitable for steel and concrete surfaces. This is a three-pack kit, high solids low VOC epoxy paint coating with very good wear and tear resistance. It is touch dry in 5 hours in normal environmental conditions.

Areas of use; helicopter decks, walkways, ramps, weigh bridge decks, decks in general where abrasion resistance and non-slip properties are required. It is surface tolerant and is a high build thickness in one coat.

Spray application ensures a speedy and professional application. Jota Armour is approved to U.K. Defence Standard 80-134, for the Royal Navy. Application is a one-coat, high build coating over an anti-corrosive primer.

Jotun in the U.K. provides a variety of products for a multitude of environments and purposes. Globally proven products with standards of technical service to achieve the most stringent of international standards. With research and development a high priority, Jotun combine advanced technology with practical experience in their products. Our customers therefore benefit from the resulting and proven product range.



We endeavour to keep all Data and MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) current and up-to-date (within the last 3 months) on our website, however it is advised that you always speak with the office to ensure that you have the latest versions. Instructions for use and Safety Information should be be strictly adhered to at all times.

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