We appreciate and understand how important the manufacturing of your equipment is in keeping the world functioning, and the last thing you need is the headache of the paint or coating you are using.

Whether your manufacturing valves for drinking water (Jotun Tankguard DW), industrial fans (SigmaShield 880) or generators (Guard MSP-2K) or anything else critical to keeping the wheels of commerce moving, we will be able to find the suitable product or systems for you.

We have an endless selection of coatings for OEM use, whether you are looking for conventional materials for easier application (Guard SFC), something that you can confident will stick to a host of different substrates (Multilak) or something incredibly durable whilst being waterbased and cleaner for the environment (RD-Monoguard) we want to understand your exact requirements from design to install and we will tailer a product or system to meet your bespoke needs. Speak with one of our technical team on 01937 568311 at any time to suit you, and they would be happy to listen and discuss options with you.

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