RD-Hydrograff HP

Highly resistant satin varnish specially formulated for the long-term protection of surfaces against wear, abrasion, chemical spills, and weathering.

RD-Hydrograff HP is THE solution to protect surfaces that are subject to severe strains. Whether it is a floor, industrial equipment, furniture, etc. RD-Hydrograff HP has unmatched performance. For indoors or outdoors! This varnish can be applied directly on most kinds of paint and sometimes directly to the surface.


Coating system for floors and walls specially formulated for the long-term protection against wear, abrasion, and chemical spills.

RD-Hydropox is ideal for protecting industrial floors or walls subject to intensive cleaning processes. RD-Hydropox has the advantage of being water-based and completely free from solvents or VOCs. It is therefore an ideal product to use during renovation because it causes very little discomfort for neighboring occupants.

RD-Monofloor PU

Fast drying floor paint for workshops, technical rooms and balconies. RD-Monofloor can be applied easily and quickly, allowing…

RD-Monovar PU

High performance interior and exterior satin varnish with superior properties.

This multi-purpose varnish is perfectly suited to protect and strengthen the resistance of surfaces against wear and weathering, including floors. Water-based, one-component, and quick-drying, RD-Monovar PU is easy to use and can be applied to most surfaces or types of paints.