Waterbased, one component, unbeaded traffic paint of the A2 type, based on pure acrylic resin and titanium dioxide.

RD-Edeck Slurry

One-component water-based elastomeric floor coating simultaneously providing very high abrasion resistance and a waterproof membrane.


Single-component liquid waterproofing system for roofs, decks and balconies.

Water-based coating formulated on the basis of special resins for sealing flat surfaces. RD-Elastodeck is very easy to use and can be applied in less than a day under favorable climatic conditions.Very efficient, it can be used on on many substrates such as old bituminous roofing, fiber cement tiles or concrete.


RD-Elastometal is a high performance elastomeric coating combining superior anti-corrosion and waterproofing properties.

Its permanent elasticity allows it to adhere to surfaces subject to elongation and to perfectly protect complex metal objects made up of bolts, sharp edges and fittings, among other things. DTM (Direct-To-Metal) type of coating, it is used as a primer and finish. RD-Elastometal protects metal roofs, bridges, silos, beams, etc., even in the most severe weather conditions.

RD-Football White

Waterborne, onecomponent paint for the outlining of lawn sports grounds. Based on pure acrylic resin and titanium dioxide.

RD-Roof Acryl

Waterborne one component acrylic paint for roofs.

RD-Roof Fleece

Reinforcement mesh used in waterproofing systems for roofs, decks and screeds.