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Guard SPU

Guard SPU

Guard SPU general purpose multi-surface gloss floor enamel coating for domestic, industrial, and warehouse storage areas.

  • Pack Sizes: 5 litres (Nominal Volume)
  • Colours: Tintable

Guard SPU

Guard SPU is a general purpose multi-surface gloss floor enamel based on a polyurethane alkyd. Typically used as a floor coating for domestic, industrial and warehouse storage areas, subject to mainly pedestrian use and occasional fork lift traffic.

Suitable as either as a topcoat over suitable primer, or as a floor coating.

Pack Sizes: 5 litres (Nominal Volume)

Colours: Tintable

Gloss Level: Full gloss finish

Product Description

A general purpose gloss floor enamel based on a polyurethane alkyd. Typically used as a floor coating for domestic, industrial and warehouse storage areas, subject to mainly pedestrian use and occasional fork lift traffic. Areas subjected to heavy traffic, e.g. walkways and frequent fork lift use, will require regular maintenance to areas which have been damaged or worn away.

Guard SPU is resistant to oil and grease spillages. It should not be used in areas where frequent water washing is required. A non-slip additive is available to reduce any tendency for slipping when floors are dry. Wet floors will always be slippery. Epoxy coatings are recommended where severe
conditions prevail.

As a concrete sealer the first coat is thinned 4 parts paint with 1 part Low Odour White Spirit or applied as a finish un-thinned.

VOC Classification 2004/42 Cat A/(i) 500 g/l VOC.


Recommended Uses

Normally applied to dry, sound concrete surfaces which must be free from dirt, dust and grease.



  • Brush: Yes
  • Roller: Yes
  • Conventional Spray: Not recommended
  • Airless Spray: Not recommended

Preferably bring paint to 15-25°C and stir well before use.

Cut in surfaces first typically with a brush prior to rolling out. Do not poor paint onto floor to roll out, use a proprietary roller tray to reduce or eliminate flooding and floating.

On new concrete thin the first coat 4 parts paint to 1 part white spirit. Then two finishing coats should be applied. Apply evenly using a well-loaded brush/roller. Allow to dry for 16 hours between the two finish coats.

For further information and guidance on application, please contact us.


Drying and Curing Time

  • Touch Dry: 10°C: 4 hours, light traffic 24 hours; 20°C: 2 hours, light traffic 16 hours
  • Hard Dry: update
  • Full Cure: update
  • Re-coatable: 10°C: minimum 24 hours, maximum 7 days*; 20°C: minimum 16 hours, maximum 7 days*

*Note: After 7 days air drying between coats, it is important to lightly flat the
surface to remove sheen and improve adhesion.

Dry to take heavy traffic:

  • at 10°C: 72 hrs
  • at 20°C: 48 hrs



Please contact us for suitable compatible products.


Environmental Conditions

The air temperature should be at least 5°C with a surface temperature 3°C above dew point and the relative humidity below 90% thus ensuring that the surface is dry and that condensation will not occur during application or drying.

The drying times will be significantly extended in cold, damp conditions or where there is insufficient ventilation to remove solvent vapours, leave all possible doors and windows open and/or use a portable extraction system or air mover.


Surface Preparation

New Concrete

Apply only to dry, well prepared concrete after removal of loose cement laitance by scarifying or acid etching, then vacuuming. Apply the first coat as a sealer coat thinning 4 parts paint with 1 part white spirit, followed by one or two finishing coats leaving overnight to dry between coats.


Previously Painted Floor

Inspect the original coating for adhesion using a cross hatch test (cut an X in the coating with a sharp knife, apply strong adhesive tape over it and pull off sharply). If the paint is removed, blast or scarify the floor to remove the old coating. If the old paint remains intact then paint a test area to check the
intercoat adhesion between old and new, leave for 48 hours to cure and repeat the cross hatch test. If there is any failure then the floor should be thoroughly abraded and the test repeated. If the test area wrinkles or lifts then the coating will have to be removed before painting.


This product should not be applied to:

  • New concrete when the moisture level is above 18%
  • Concrete floors containing a dust suppressant additive without first checking adhesion by applying a small test area and evaluating adhesion after 7 days
  • Concrete which has been power floated to a smooth shiny finish
  • Vinyl floors
  • Asphalt floors
  • Exterior environments



Further coats of Guard SPU my be applied after overnight dry.



Guard Solvent F


Safety Precautions

To avoid the risk of spillage always store and transport in an upright secure position. Materials are hazardous and can also be flammable therefore appropriate precautionary measures must be taken including the use of gloves, glasses and recommended P.P.E in accordance with the material safety data sheets (MSDS).

Please refer to the product Data Sheet and Material Safety Data Sheets for full details regarding the safe use of this product. We also offer free technical advice – click here to contact us.


Contact Us

For further advice regarding the use of this product, technical support or a quotation please contact us.

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