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UltraFloor Level It Top Heavy Duty

UltraFloor Level It Top Heavy Duty

Cementitious smoothing underlayment incorporating recycled raw materials. 25kg

UltraFloor Level It Top Heavy Duty

UltraFloor Level It Top is a polymer-rich, high-strength, single part, cementitious smoothing underlayment incorporating recycled raw materials. It is heavy duty, offering exceptional abrasion resistance and designed for use as a finished wear surface in both industrial and commercial applications. Its early strength development formulation also makes it ideal for overcoating with resin coatings.

Pack Size: 25kg


Product Benefits

  • Surface finish
  • Industrial applications
  • Pump or trowel applied
  • Forklift traffic at 36 hours
  • Moisture tolerant
  • Coverage: approx. 3.1m² at 5mm
  • 5-15mm thickness
  • Working time 30-40 minutes
  • Foot traffic 2-3 hours
  • Internal floors


Recommended Uses

Can be used as a finished wear surface in highly trafficked areas in industrial, commercial or domestic applications. Level It Top is suitable for applications of resin coatings. It is ideal for use with Ultra Floor Level It Base where deeper sections of floor build up are required.



Applied Thickness, Coverage Per Unit (approx), Consumption Per 100m2 Area:

  • 5mm – 3.1m2 x 33 bags
  • 10mm – 1.5m2 x 67 bags
  • 15mm – 1m2 x 100 bags


Product Application

When mixed with clean cold water, Level It Top is a product that can be trowel or pump applied, to smooth and level, sound and strong internal subfloors where a finished wear surface is required. It is suitable for use in heavily trafficked areas such as warehouses, storage areas, corridors and factory units. It is ready to receive fork lift traffic after as little as 36 hours. For projects where the visual aspects of the floor are important it must be noted that we cannot guarantee colour consistency in the product due to variables in raw materials and in application methods.

Level It Top can be over-coated with resin coatings and sealers in situations where an aesthetic finish is required and where Level It Top needs protection from chemicals, oils and other liquid ingress or if an improved slip resistance is required. Level It Top has a protein free formulation so may be used in biologically sensitive areas, it can be applied to most cementitious subfloors including those incorporating fully commissioned warm water underfloor heating systems. It may also be used over fully cured and dry calcium sulphate screeds.

Level It Top is ideal for use in conjunction with Ultra Floor Level It Base (see relevant technical data sheet) where product application exceeds 15mm.

Level It Top should be applied at a minimum application thickness of 5mm and can be applied up to maximum 15mm.


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