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Fosroc Conbextra GP

Fosroc Conbextra GP

General purpose high strength non-shrink grout for filling gaps.

Fosroc Conbextra GP

Conbextra GP is a free flow non shrink cementitious grouting of gap thicknesses 10 to 75 mm, and can be used for a wide range of applications.

Product Description

A general purpose high strength non-shrink grout for filling gaps beneath steelwork baseplates, installing starter bars, anchoring reinforcement steel bars, fixing tie bars, filling joints between pre-cast concrete panels, bedding and other general grouting applications. Can be mixed from A trowelable to flowable consistency.


Product Uses

  • Stanchion baseplates
  • Joints between pre-cast concrete panels
  • Grouting applications where pouring access is restricted
  • Anchoring or reinforcing steel bars
  • Installation of tie bars
  • Conbextra GP is non shrink, high strength, chloride free and can be used at flow-able or trowel-able consistency



Water addition.




4.0 – 4.5 litres to 25kg bag – yield approx. 13.25 litres



3.4 – 3.6 litres to 25kg bag – yield approx. 12 litres

Initial set approx. 6 hours.



A data / instruction sheet will be supplied with your order. Please take care when using this product and wear appropriate PPE – gloves, protective eye goggles etc.


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