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SikaSet 45

SikaSet 45

Rapid concrete repair and ironwork bedding mortar.

SikaSet 45

SikaSet 45 is a rapid concrete repair and ironwork bedding mortar.

Pack Size: 25kg

Colour: Grey

Layer Thickness: 10mm – 50mm


Product Description

SikaSet 45 is a one component rapid hardening and high early strength concrete repair and ironwork bedding mortar for use in temperatures as low as 0°C. It is trafficable in just 45 minutes, making it ideal for bedding/ installing of street ironwork and bonding streetscape flags, blocks and kerbs, as well as general repairs to concrete/stone substrates. Being magnesia phosphate based it gives the following advantages over conventional cement based systems: ultra-fast setting, may be placed at low temperatures and excellent salt resistance.


Product Benefits

  • Easy to use just add water
  • Rapid setting
  • Trafficable within 45 minutes
  • Can be placed at low temperatures
  • Excellent un-primed adhesion
  • High early age and ultimate strengths
  • Shrinkage compensated mortar
  • Increased resistance to de-icing salts
  • Non corrosive to steel
  • Durable freeze thaw resistance
  • Can be over coated


Areas of Use

  • Rapid repair mortar for horizontal concrete surfaces
  • Industrial floors, roads, runways, bridge decks and car park decks
  • Filling mortar for voids and honeycombed areas in concrete
  • Bedding mortar for inspection chambers, manhole covers, gully grates, stanchion posts, street furniture
  • Filling potholes in concrete pavements, kerbs, steps, beams, lintels and sills
  • Bonding streetscape flags, blocks and kerbs.


Product Preparation

Breakout and remove all concrete designated as being defective, loose and unsound, using suitable mechanical equipment. Ensure sufficient concrete is removed from around reinforcement to allow priming of the steelwork and compaction of the repair material. At the repair locations, feather edging should be avoided. The edges should be square cut to at least the recommended minimum application thickness of the repair material. Where a saw cut is employed, the substrate should be roughened mechanically to provide a ‘key’ between the repair mortar and substrate. Reinforcement And Ironwork Preparation: All exposed reinforcement should be thoroughly prepared to clean, bright metal, using abrasive blast cleaning or other approved methods.
Steel Reinforcement Priming: Where required, prior to applying SikaSet 45 into the repair area, apply two coats of SikaTop Armatec 110 EpoCem onto the reinforcement in accordance with the product technical data sheet.



SikaSet 45 repair mortar should be mechanically mixed using a forced action mixer or in a clean drum using a drill and paddle. A normal concrete/mortar mixer is not suitable. Mix SikaSet 45 with water for at least 3 minutes to achieve a uniform consistency. 1.5-1.8 litres of water per 25kg. Immediately apply the mortar.


Product Application

The prepared substrate should be thoroughly soaked with clean water until uniformly saturated leaving no standing water. The mixed mortar must be worked well into the prepared and pre-wetted substrate by gloved hand or trowel, filling all voids ensuring full encapsulation around exposed reinforcement. For maximum bond between existing concrete and the mortar when used for horizontal trafficable repairs. It is recommended that a bonding bridge consisting of a slurry produced by adding a small amount of water to the mix and brushed into the substrate is used (trial recommended). Apply mortar wet on wet and compact well. Apply in layers not less than the minimum thickness and no greater than the maximum thickness. Where multiple layers are required the previous layers should be keyed and allowed to initially set prior to proceeding. For depths greater than 50mm a 10mm single sized coarse aggregate, complying with BS882 grading limits, may be added up to a rate of 10kg per 25kg of SikaSet 45 and remixed. Additional aggregates must be clean, saturated but surface dry, preferably low absorption and round in shape. Under no circumstances should admixtures or cement be added. The final layer may be levelled using a steel/wooden tamp or straight edge where required. SikaSet 45 is best finished with minimal working using a wood/plastic float or a damp sponge, after initial set has taken place to obtain the required surface texture.



Finished areas will not normally require curing owing to the rapid setting nature of SikaSet 45. However, where rain, or excessively hot, dry or windy conditions prevail, cover after application using hessian or polythene sheeting taped down at the edges or other approved method. For cold weather working also use insulation to maintain temperatures. Never wet cure SikaSet 45


Cleaning of Tools

Remove SikaSet 45 from tools and equipment with water. Hardened material can only be removed mechanically.


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