New Guard Coatings

Biosan Aqua

Biosan Aqua

Rust-Oleum Biosan Aqua

Water-based hygienic wall paint in any colour.

Colour: Tintable

Size: 5 Litre

Gloss Leve: Satin/Matt

Product Description:

Water-based single pack hygienic topcoat for walls and ceilings where hygiene control is essential, tintable in many colours and different gloss levels.


  • Decorative hygienic paint in gloss, satin or mat in almost any colour
  • Good flow, filling and hiding power
  • For use on masonry, plaster, wood or concrete
  • Ideal for schools, dressing rooms, kitchens etc

Recommended Uses:

For the interior and exterior coating of walls and ceilings in lowwear areas, where hygiene is important. Rated Class 0 to the UK Building Regulations (BS476 Parts 6&7).

Technical Data

Density (g/cm³): 1,2 – 1,4
Solids Content in weight: 50-65 %
Solids content in volume: 35-50 %

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