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Guard FEB

Guard FEB

Guard FEB is a high quality, fast-drying solvent-based synthetic alkyd enamel, with outstanding film hardness/toughness and minimal yellowing.

Guard FEB

Guard FEB is a high quality, single pack solvent-based synthetic alkyd enamel. Guard FEB offers fast surface drying, good through drying even in thick films, and outstanding film hardness and toughness.

Pack Sizes: 5 litres (Nominal Volume)

Colours: Full tintable colour range. All RAL & BS4800 colours and specials on request

Gloss Level: Gloss

Recommended Uses

Ideal for agricultural, appliance and machinery applications, where application by brush or roller is optimal. Ideal for small touch-up areas. Yellowing is minimal even after prolonged exposure to higher temperatures – unique for this type of product.



  • Brush: Yes – Thin up to 5%
  • Roller: Yes – Thin up to 5%
  • Conventional Spray: Yes – Thin up to 10% – added as approx. 3-5% each time
  • Airless Spray: No – Not optimised for this use
  • Air Assisted Airless Spray: No – Not optimised for this use

For further information and guidance on application, please contact us.


Drying and Curing Time

  • Touch Dry: 2 hours
  • Hard Dry: 4 hours
  • Full Cure: 12 hours
  • Re-coatable: 12 hours

Drying times are based on temperatures of 20°C, lower temperatures will increase drying times. Please speak with our technical team before elevating temperatures or attempting to force cure any of our products unless already stated. Shop conditions such as having good airflow will optimise curing.



Suitable for application onto Guard EP and Guard GIP as single pack zinc phosphate primers. Alternatively suitable for application onto Guard ETC and Guard ETC-2K, etch primers.


Surface Preparation

Ensure surfaces are clean, dry and free from grease and other contamination before coating.
Thoroughly degrease and where applicable, abrade to remove rust and promote good adhesion of the coating. For optimum corrosion protection, mild steel should be blast cleaned to Sa2.5. Complex structures may be more effectively cleaned by HPWJ (high pressure water jetting).



Guard Solvent F



Guard Solvent A


Safety Precautions

To avoid the risk of spillage always store and transport in an upright secure position. Materials are hazardous and can also be flammable therefore appropriate precautionary measures must be taken including the use of gloves, glasses and recommended P.P.E in accordance with the material safety data sheets (MSDS).

Please refer to the product Data Sheet and Material Safety Data Sheets for full details regarding the safe use of this product. We also offer free technical advice – click here to contact us.


Contact Us

For further advice regarding the use of this product, technical support or a quotation please contact us.

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