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Jotun Barrier

Jotun Barrier

Jotun Barrier is a two-pack zinc rich epoxy primer.

Pack Size: 4L and 9L

Colour: Grey

Jotun Barrier is a two-pack zinc rich epoxy primer.

Product description:

This is a two component polyamide cured zinc rich epoxy coating. It is a very high zinc dust containing product. It conforms to the compositional requirements of SSPC paint 20, level 2. It provides very good corrosion protection as part of a complete coating system. To be used as primer in atmospheric environments. Suitable for carbon steel, repair of inorganic zinc silicate coating and damaged galvanised steel substrates. This product complies with ASTM D520 type II zinc dust.

Typical use:


Suitable for structural steel and piping exposed in corrosivity categories up to CX (ISO 12944-2). Recommended for offshore environments, refineries, power plants, bridges, buildings, mining equipment and general structural steel. Specially designed as a primer for coating systems where extended durability is required.

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