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Instarmac UltraCrete M90

Instarmac UltraCrete M90

All-purpose fast set mortar for bedding ironwork e.g. access covers and general repairs.

Instarmac Ultracrete M90 Fast-Set Mortar

UltraCrete M90 is an all-purpose fast set mortar ideal for bedding ironwork e.g. access covers and general repairs.

Pack Size: 25kg

Colour: Light Grey


Product Description

UltraCrete M90 is an all purpose fast set mortar ideal for bedding ironwork and general repairs. The product is suitable for use on all ironwork conforming to BS EN 124.


Product Advantages

  • General purpose
  • Open to traffic: 90 minutes
  • Conforms to HD27/15
  • Economical
  • Rapid strength gain


Technical Information

Ultracrete M90 is supplied pre-blended in 25kg bags or plastic containers and requires only the addition of water. The product can be used from 10mm-75mm in one pass, with greater depths possible using the layer-upon-layer method. M90 achieves exceptional bond strength without the use of a primer. The product can be bulked out with the addition of up to 30% hard stone clean aggregate. Please note that this will reduce the products strength gain and alter its performance characteristics. Preparation Surfaces should be free from any contamination of oil, grease, paint, etc. Remove all loose particles and work on a sound substrate. Pre-soak the area with clean water prior to application to aid bond. Remove ponded water before applying the product.



M90 can be mixed with a forced action mixer or by hand with an appropriate tool. If hand mixing is used, ensure that it is vigorous. 25kg of product will require approximately 3.0 litres of water. A stiff consistent mix with no slump should be achieved, ensuring all particles are well wetted. Note: Mix only enough material to apply within 4 minutes. Never remix or add extra water to the product.



12.5 Litres approx.


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