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UltraFloor Feather It

UltraFloor Feather It

Rapid drying, very fine particle, high polymer cementitious compound. 5kg

UltraFloor Feather It

UltraFloor Feather It is a rapid drying, very fine particle, high polymer cementitious compound. It offers excellent adhesion characteristics and is suitable for application to a wide variety of substrates.

Pack Size: 5kg


Product Description

Feather it is ideal for use on flooring grade mechanically fixed plywood as well as for filling in gouges, depressions and improving smoothing underlayment applications. It is conveniently supplied in an outer plastic container to minimise potential damage in transit and also to maintain the reactivity rates of the cements once the bag has been opened.

Product Benefits

  • Rapid setting
  • Rapid drying
  • Adhesion without a primer
  • Underfloor heating
  • Coverage as a feather edge: 22m²
  • 3mm feather edge
  • Open time 10-15 minutes
  • Foot traffic after 30 minutes
  • Internal floors


Recommended Uses

UltraFloor Feather It has been developed to enable subfloors to be further ‘improved’ prior to laying decorative floor coverings including resilient floor coverings (sheet and tile), textiles, timber as well as stone products such as ceramic, porcelain and mosaic tiles. The very fine particle formulation enables it to be applied from 3mm down to a true ‘feather edge’. It is ideal for taking out defects and ridges in smoothing compound applications caused by trowel marks, for filling in gouges or depressions, for repairing damages caused by premature trafficking such as footprints and for general filling and patching of isolated areas, as well as where fine feather finishing is required such as at door thresholds.

Feather It can be used between boards and to smooth over screw-heads on mechanically fixed flooring grade plywood installations. It is ideal for use over existing cementitious subfloors including sand/cement screeds, rough concrete and existing smoothing underlayment. It is not recommended for use directly to calcium sulphate screeds.

Feather It is suitable for use in domestic and commercial projects and must always be covered with a decorative floor covering. Its protein free formulation means it is ideal for use in biologically sensitive areas. It can be used on a variety of subfloors, and is suitable for use where warm water underfloor heating is incorporated.


Product Application

UltraFloor Feather it should be applied using a steel trowel to attain a smooth surface. Typical application depth is 1mm or less although depths of up to 3mm can be achieved. For applications of 3mm and upwards it is recommended that a smoothing underlayment be utilised, however, for small isolated areas UltraFloor Feather it may be used, applied in layers not exceeding 3mm each.

Do NOT spike roller after application as this will create a surface texture.

Once cured, the product will provide a smooth surface ready for application of floor coverings. Sanding down or priming should not be required.



One 5kg unit will allow feather edge/scratch coat 22m2 or at 1mm 6m2


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