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PPG Sigma Ecofleet 290

PPG Sigma Ecofleet 290

TBT Free Self Polishing Anti Fouling.

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PPG Sigma Ecofleet 290

TBT Free Self Polishing Anti Fouling.

Pack Size: 20 litres

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PPG Sigma Ecofleet 290 system is a proven, highly effective, self-polishing antifouling designed for medium to high activity vessels. Its user-friendly application properties meet the requirements for increased productivity and optimal efficiency during the coating process. As a result, Sigma Ecofleet 290’s antifouling is recognized as a reliable and consistent performer in dry docks and new-building yards worldwide.

Also extremely versatile being suitable for all types of vessels including: tankers, bulk carriers, and container ships operating in deep-sea waters. The marine market is under increasing pressure to minimize environmental impact whilst striving to maximize operational efficiency. Designed to deliver optimal performance with robust, self-polishing antifouling

Suitable for application at new-build and in dry dock. With a dry-film thicknesses of up to 150 microns (6.0 mils) per coat. Direct recoating of many existing anti-foulings.

The marine market #No.1 choice for reliable all-round antifouling performance. Easily applied ensures less time incurred to increase your productivity.

Extended fouling control for periods of up to 60 months therefore reducing your maintenance costs. Suitable for various deep-sea vessels controlling the settlement of shell and weed fouling for prolonged periods, depending on sailing pattern and routes.

Available in red-brown/brown and black achieving a flat finish.

Additional product; 21-06 Thinner

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