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Sigmarine 48

Sigmarine 48

General purpose gloss finish based on modified alkyd resin.

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Sigmarine 48

Sigmarine 48 is a general purpose gloss finish based on modified alkyd resin.

Please note this product is not currently available for purchase online, please contact us for a quote or more information.


Product Description

A general purpose gloss paint based on a modified alkyd resin. Sigmarine 48 is a fast-drying coating which works well in most marine conditions as it offers excellent resistance to water and weather whilst maintaining a good gloss retention.

Sigmarine 48 is a hard, resistant, durable product ideally suited to areas intermittently exposed to water immersion and atmospheric conditions. Ideal for use as a finish paint for topside, deck and deck equipment and is also available with non-skid material for use on deck surfaces – details available on special request.
It can be easily applied and effectively using brush, roller or airless spray and with a fast drying time of just 1 hour at 20°C, it is available for recoating after 16 hours.
Available in white and various other colours upon request and achieves a gloss finish.

Sigmarine 48 can be used over all surfaces that have been previously coated with alkyd paints (subject to them being in a reasonable condition). Offering excellent resistance to weather in adverse marine conditions.

Additional product: 21-05 thinner

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