108 Etching Solution

Cleans and Etches surface for improved adhesion.

3100 System

Fast drying acrylic to get machinery back into service quickly.

3700 System

Acrylic enamel with superb gloss and colour retention.

5200 System

Water-based product for easy application and good corrosion protection.

5300 System

DTM water-based epoxy.

5300 System Water-Based Epoxy

A two component, polyamine cured epoxy coating with a gloss finish, ideal for application onto damp substrates.

5499 Patching Compound

Fast Drying Compound for small holes and pores.

8000 Overkrete

100% Solids for Moderate Chemical Environments.

8100 Overkrete Xtra Premium

100% Solids for chemical spills & splashes.

8200 Overkote

Chemical Resistant Epoxy.

8300 Overkote Plus

Novalac Epoxy Coatings for high level of protection.

8600 Overkrete

Low temperature epoxy floor coating.

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