Rust-Oleum’s C9578 Coal Tar Epoxy is a high solids epoxy with refined coal tar pitch for maximum protection for use in severe industrial or marine environments. Call New Guard Coatings (302-257-5760) for further information and pricing today.

This self-priming, high build product (8-10mils) protects against severe abrasion, strong chemicals and is suitable for non-potable water immersion.

Suitable for application by brush, spray or roller onto either steel or concrete.

Corps of Engineers Specs C-200
Steel Tank Institute Corrosion Control System STI-P3
AWWA Spec C210-84
SSPC-Paint 16

​For use on:
Heavy-duty Tanks

Less than 250 VOCs grams per liter!
To place an order, for pricing or for further information contact New Guard Coatings or alternatively request a callback.

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