At New Guard Coatings we like to be involved from start to finish on a job – which is where our selection of pre-fabrication primers come in.

We have a wide selection of these pre-fabrication primers available to ensure you preserve and maintain the level of blast cleaning you have already achieved. These include:

Shop Primers – Whether you are transporting steel you don’t want to damage, or coating to preserve a blast clean – we can offer varying user-friendly shop primers for all methods of application.

​​Weldable– We have weldable primers available in both single-component and two-component units – giving you user-friendly options as well as maintaining the vital anti-corrosive properties.​​

Fast-Drying– All of our pre-fabrication primers have the advantage of being fast-drying, giving you a speedier turnaround and not as much time spent waiting for paint to dry.

For two-component material, we can provide accelerators to improve the drying time even further.

​​Water-Based​ – We have the capability to produce any of the above products in water-based versions with various VOC levels – so no matter what your state requirements are, we will have a suitable pre-fabrication product for you.

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