Guard Aquatint swimming pool paint is specially manufactured and designed as a revolutionary environmentally friendly product for swimming pools.

Imported from our UK parent company, the Guard Aquatint product has 0 VOC and also 0 HAPS making it one of the most appealing swimming pool paints in the country.

​​A single pack product available as standard in a range of colors but also with full color matching available. It is predominantly for swimming pools but is also suitable for application onto fish ponds, rainwater collection tanks and sewage treatment works.

Easy Application
Fast Drying – ​Swimming pool can be filled within 48 hours.
Durable – ​long term protection against algae & lime encrustation
1 gallon cans

Standard Colours:
Aqua Blue

Also available with full color matching in all RAL, BS4800 and BS318C shades.

As well as having our Guard Aquatint product, we do also have access to Rust-Oleum’s range of Pool and Fountain Paints:

​Epoxy Pool and Fountain Paint

Can be used on pools, fountains and spas.
VOC <100.
Up to ​EIGHT​ years life before you will have to re-coat.
Two component material = very durable.
Can be applied onto various substrates; concrete, masonry, fiberglass, granite and steel.
Standard Colors only – black, white, marlin blue and aqua.

​Acrylic Pool and Fountain Paint

Can be used on pools and fountains.
VOC <250.
Quick drying – your pool will be back to normal after just 3 days.
Low odor.
Can be applied onto various substrates – concrete, masonry, synthetic, acrylic, rubber and chlorinated rubber.
Standard Colors only – black, white and marlin blue.

​Clean and Prep Solution

Suitable for use with both the epoxy and acrylic pool paints.
Odor free.​

US Disclaimer
We endevour to keep all Data and MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) current and up-to-date (within the last 3 months) on our website, however it is advised that you always speak with the office to ensure that you have the latest versions. Instructions for use and Safety Information should be be strictly adhered to at all times.

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