New Guard Coatings can offer a comprehensive selection of floor products for varying levels of traffic – including fast drying, high solids and low odor products, in solvent based, water based and solvent free versions.

With some of our most durable, cost-effective and user-friendly floor coatings available through our global supplier, Rust-Oleum, you can be confident in New Guard Coatings’ ability to find you the right flooring system, whatever your requirements may be.

User Friendly products for easy application
Environmentally Friendly, solvent free and water-based options
Minimal Downtime with high solids versions
​Long Lasting Protection with durable and high performance coatings

Primers & Sealers:
Any floor is only as good as it’s preparation; so New Guard Coatings offer a whole selection of priming and sealer products to ensure your floor is suitably prepared prior to application of any coating.

Penetrating Prime and Seal Primer
(For porous concrete floors)

(Fast drying sealer coating)

Whether you require solvented, water-based or solvent free material for your floor, New Guard Coatings will have access to the right product for you. The below options vary from user-friendly single component material for quick application and minimal downtime, to the best in solvent free technology for maximum long-term protection and durability.

Durable Coatings:Below are some of our standard floor coatings that provide extended durability, whilst remaining user friendly for varying levels of traffic.

Traffic Type:
5600 System – Acrylic Urethane Floor Paint
(Single Component, Easy Application product)

6000 System – Water-based Epoxy
(Two-Component, low VOC product with High Gloss Level)
Light / Medium

6200 System – Fast-Cure Epoxy Floor Coating
(Easy maintenance for mild to moderate environments)
Light / Medium

6500 System – Heavy Duty Maintenance Coating Topcoat
(High Performance for Industrial Environments)
Medium / Heavy

9100 System – DTM Epoxy Mastic
(High Solids Epoxy for long-lasting protection)

Maintenance Products:
Products designed for easy application and long lasting durability where maintenance and upkeep of the floor is important.

6600 System – Heavy Duty Maintenance Coating
(High performance for industrial environment)
Easyclear – Clear high gloss topcoat
(Clear Epoxy Maintenance Floor Coating)
Anti-Slip Coatings:
Anti-Slip versions for safety on walkways and heavy foot traffic areas.

AS 5400 System – Anti-Slip One-Step Epoxy
(Single component, ready to use labor saving coating)
AS 6000 System – Anti-Slip low Profile Epoxy
(Water-based Epoxy for recreational & barefoot areas)
AS 6500 System – Heavy Duty Maintenance Coating
(Anti-slip version of the standard 6000 system)
AS 9100 System – Anti-Slip High Performance Epoxy
(High Solids Epoxy for long-lasting protection)

Safe Step:
Anti-slip fiberglass for additional safety in heavy foot traffic areas and where extra OSHA precautions are required.

Covers – Edges – Sheeting

If you would like further information, pricing or to place an order for any of the above products, please contact us on the below information or request a callback.

User Friendly products for easy application
Waterbased / Solvent Free options –environmentally friendly
Minimal Downtime with high solids versions
​Long lasting protection with durable and high performance coatings

US Disclaimer
We endevour to keep all Data and MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) current and up-to-date (within the last 3 months) on our website, however it is advised that you always speak with the office to ensure that you have the latest versions. Instructions for use and Safety Information should be be strictly adhered to at all times.

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