PPG Industrial Protective and Marine Coatings (Amercoat & Sigma Brands) are one of the worlds’ leading manufacturers of paints and coatings.

Having an impressive variety of products, from antifouling paints, to heavy duty industrial marine coatings for protection against the harshest of conditions. PPG Sigma is one of the global leaders of paints and coatings manufacturing epoxy, polyurethane, siloxane and specialist paints and coatings.

PPG Sigma have proved themselves to be highly trustworthy manufacturer and a reliable company who manufacture only high-quality products.

As we are a PPG protective & marine coatings preferred-distributor, you can be confident that, their products combined with our high level of service, will provide your complete satisfaction.

With products for all areas you’ll have absolute peace of mind with New Guard Inc. Perhaps you’re involved in one of the following sectors we will have a PPG Sigma product to support you;

Appliances, Bridges, Buildings, Chemical Plants, Fertiliser Plants, Furniture, General Industries, Land Transport, Mining Installations, Offshore Installations, Oil & Gas Facilities, Pipelines, Ports and Harbours, Power Plants, Ships, Tank Farms, Yachts, Auto Parts, Energy, Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinets, Shelving.