New Guard Coatings

Colour Matching, Tinting & Colour Charts

Based on a lifetime’s work in the paint industry we have several ways to provide you with the exact colour you require. Our colour matching technicians will quickly match most colours for you. We are a ‘Rust-Oleum ColourShop’, assessing colours using a ColourShop 2 Photo-spectrometer. For more specialised colours, you will even be able to have your dry samples submitted to the laboratory for colour matching. With thirteen tinting machines across our multiple locations we can tint different products within a short lead time, giving you the exact colour you need for your job, when you need it.

The colour charts available on this page are:

  • RAL Standard
  • BS Standard
  • Pantone

Please bear in mind these are not the only colours that we can achieve and a digital version of a colour is not necessarily the most accurate representation.

Technical assistance, product support and guidance are all available, just give us a call on 01937 586311, email us at or use our Chat/Messaging system to send us a message. We’re here to help you.

RAL Colour Chart

BS 4800 Colour Chart

BS 381C Colour Chart

BS 5252 Colour Chart

BS 2660 Colour Chart

RAL Design 000-040

RAL Design 050-080

RAL Design 085-110

RAL Design 120-160

RAL Design 170-210

RAL Design 220-260

RAL Design 270-310

RAL Design 320-360

Pantone Colour Chart