With coatings for both interior and exterior use, whatever your requirement, we can provide you with industry leading advice on the best wood coating to use. You can utilise our experience to colour match any samples provided to us in a number of wood coating products.

Barpimo Clear Matt Wood Varnish (Hydrobarp Care Matt)

Single-component, water-based hygienic A+ rated, clear matt finish topcoat for indoor wood projects.

  • Pack Size: 5 kg
  • Colour: Clear
  • Finish: Matt


Barpimo Clear Natural Wood Varnish (Hydrobarp Care Nature Matt)

Single component, water-based clear topcoat creating a natural/nude effect to your finished project.

  • Pack Size: 5 kg
  • Colour: Clear
Barpimo Clear Wood Primer/Sealer (Hydrobarp Fondo Care)

Water-based clear wood sealer. Ideal for pine, oak, ash, common walnut, beech, furniture and carpentry.

  • Pack Size: 5 kg
  • Colour: Clear
Barpimo Multilak Multi-Surface Paint

Acrylic water-based, multi-surface paint for indoor and outdoor use

Barpimo Professional Grade Interior Wood Stain (Barpicolor 605)

A very highly concentrated interior wood stain suitable for various substrates. can be diluted 9:1 Good resistance with UV & acid-based varnishes. Long lasting.

  • Colours: Honey 100, Honey 500, Oak, Tobacco Grey, Cherry, Mahogany, Walnut.
  • Pack Size: 1 litre unit
Barpimo Universal Wood Stain

Transparent water-based universal wood-stain for exterior and interior woodwork. Ideal for doors, windows, summer house, household furniture etc.

  • Pack Size: 5 Litre unit x 2 (Pack includes both stain and top coat)
  • Colours: Rosewood, Teak, Pine
Barpimo White Wood Primer/Sealer

Single component, water based white wood sealer, also available in clear. Ideal for MDF furniture and carpentry.

  • Pack Size: 5 kg
  • Colour: White
Barpimo White Wood Topcoat

Single component, water-based white pigmented topcoat. Ideally suited for MDF furniture and carpentry (wardrobes, shelves, wood cladding, boards, etc.)

  • Pack Size: 5 kg
  • Colour: White
  • Finish: Matt or Semi-Matt
Water-Resistant Wood Paint

Water-Resistant Wood Paint – BarpiDecor Wood Paint Acrylic water-based water-resistant wood paint. Available in a 750ml or 4…