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Guard MSP-2K- Matt and Satin

Guard MSP-2K- Matt and Satin

A surface tolerant product for mixed metal surfaces, where minimal preparation can be carried out. Two component for optimum protection.

Pack Sizes: 5 litres

Colours: Tintable

Gloss Level: Matt and Satin


Guard MSP-2K- Matt and Satin

Guard MSP-2K is a surface tolerant One Coat product for mixed metal surfaces, where minimal preparation can be carried out. Two component for optimum protection and in various gloss levels.

Pack Sizes: 5 litres

Matt and Satin- 5L

Colours: Tintable

Gloss Level: Matt and Satin

Recommended Uses

  • Signage
  • Containers, Cabins, Generators, Storage Units
  • Barriers, doors, gates
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Machinery
  • Agricultural, Construction, Earthmoving
  • Steel
  • Galvanised Steel
  • Blasted Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Plastic
  • Painted / Primed
  • GRP

(rigid PVC, ABS, polyester), OSB, etc.

When in doubt test paint on a small surface, prior to application, or contact us for advice.


Product Features

  • Excellent mechanical and chemical properties
  • Very good UV-resistance
  • Suitable for outdoor application
  • Application by brush or roller
  • Due to an active anti-corrosive pigment coating Guard MSP-2K can be used as a single layer system on ferro substrates



  • Brush: Yes
  • Roller: Yes
  • Conventional Spray, Airless or Airmix Spray: Yes, with preheated spraying (35°C max.) For 2K spraying please contact us for advice.

For further information and guidance on application, please refer to the Product Data Sheet or contact us.


Drying and Curing Time

  • Dust Dry: 30 minutes at 20°C (40 μ)
  • Through Dry:2 hours at 20°C
  • Re-coatable: Minimum 3 hours


Mixing Ratio

A – component: 4 litres

B – component: 1 litre

Pot life: 3 hours

If preheating, we always recommend flushing thoroughly as a precautionary measure, when taking a break from spraying for longer than 30 minutes.



Please contact us


Surface Preparation

The substrate must be free of dust, rust, grease and oil. Remove soluble salts from galvanised steel and aluminium surfaces. It is not necessary to sandblast the substrate.

Some plastics or non-ferrous alloys give a better adhesion after light sanding (matting).



Guard Solvent I



Guard Solvent I


Safety Precautions

To avoid the risk of spillage always store and transport in an upright secure position. Materials are hazardous and can also be flammable therefore appropriate precautionary measures must be taken including the use of gloves, glasses and recommended P.P.E in accordance with the material safety data sheets (MSDS).

Please refer to the product Data Sheet and Material Safety Data Sheets for full details regarding the safe use of this product. We also offer free technical advice – click here to contact us.


Contact Us

For further advice regarding the use of this product, technical support or a quotation please contact us.

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