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ND14 Cleaner/Degreaser

Rust-Oleum ND14 Cleaner/Degreaser

  • Removes grease, oil, proteins, dirt and other contaminants from coated, mineral and metal substrates
  • Concentrated formulation can be diluted 1:20
  • Use as additive for high pressure cleaning
  • Non-flammable, virtually odour-free

Concentrated, alkaline, non-flammable, virtually odour free cleaning and degreasing solution for 100 m²/l.

  • Application method:
  • Can also be applied by brush, mop, broom and pressure cleaner

Application process:

Scrape or sweep away grease, oil, dirt, mould and all other surface contaminations as much as possible. ND14 Cleaner/Degreaser can be applied diluted or concentrated with a sponge, cloth, brush or broom. For normal cleaning a 3 – 5% concentration will be sufficient. The product should be diluted with cold water. After use rinse with plenty of fresh water. If a concentration of more than 5% is used, hot water rinsing is absolutely necessary. As a high-pressure(steam)cleaning additive a 2% concentration is recommended. After cleaning, remove any remaining water and allow the surface to dry, as moisture left on the surface or entrapped into pores may cause premature failure of the coating system. Large surface areas or poor drying conditions may require longer drying times before a coating system can be applied.

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