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RD-Sunguard is a high perfromance solar reflective coating – Cool Roof system.

Pack Size: 5L / 20L

Colour: White

RD-Sunguard is a high perfromance solar reflective coating – Cool Roof system.


Product Features:

Single component water-based solar reflective coating based on new generation of resins enabling the coating to boost its solar reflective properties.

Thanks to a high solar reflective index (SRI) over 110, to its special pigmentation, very high UV, excellent dirt pick-up resistance, and self-cleaning properties, RD-Sunguard helps to keep and maintain the surface white and clean to ensure maximum solar and heat reflection over time.

RD-Sunguard is water-based, easy to handle, safe and has no fire risks. It is a fast-drying coating system that greatly reduces downtime during installation and increases on-site labour productivity.

Virtually odour free, it does not affect neighbouring occupants and can therefore be used in occupied buildings.

RD-Sunguard ensures long-lasting performance, whether it is energy saving, better thermal comfort or lower heat effect.

RD-Sunguard can be used on most kind of surfaces providing first the application of an adequate primer coat.


  • Lower the energy bill of buildings as less energy is used to cool the inside
  • Increase the productivity of solar panels on roofs
  • Reduce Urban Heat Island Effect (UHI) and lower the Carbon Footprint
  • Better thermal comfort by decreasing by several degrees the temperature inside buildings

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